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SSRS Tip: Adding a Pipe-delimited option to SSRS Export Destinations

End users are very fond of running reports in SSRS and exporting the results to a variety of formats. Excel is probably the most popular, but invariably there will be other formats needed.

Unfortunately, in SSRS the list of other formats is limited. In particular, a pipe (|) delimited format is not available. But you can, if you are willing to update your SSRS configuration, add this yourself. The following approach has been tested through SSRS 2012. It may work in SSRS 2014+, but we have not yet confirmed it on that platform.

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MEDITECH DR Tip: Data Dictionary Search with Possessives

Some time ago we published a handy tip providing you with a stored procedure you could use to hunt for things in MEDITECH DR data structure(s) — by table name, by NPR DPM, etc. — so you could get down to writing some reports.

With the impending removal of possessive fields from MEDITECH C/S, MAGIC, and MT 6.x NPR-based DR modules (and yes, this may have already happened to you), you will need to go and fix oh-so-many SQL queries. When you do that, you’ll need to go and figure out which dictionary table you need to join in.

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SQL Tip: Auto-printing from SSRS to a Networked Printer

This is probably our second-most requested tip – how do I emulate, from SSRS, the standard MEDITECH scheduled auto-print to a spooled printer functionality?

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