Report Writing

Interoperability and EHR Optimization

Privacy and Security

“Fishbone” Diagrams (MAGIC or C/S)

Recently, I was working on an export of ED clinical data and I noticed some funny imbedded graphics which appeared to contain unlabeled lab values when I viewed a report in PCI.

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Meditech-L: Need Help with NPR Report Calculate date to select by = DOW 1-7

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Nursing Report that finds its own interventions (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Recently I was asked to write a report to present the most recently documented home medications on a selected patient, and I was given a list of 20 comment queries that contained the data of interest. Unfortunately, these queries were on about six different interventions, so it was necessary to check all six interventions for the patient and present data from the most recently documented intervention of that set.

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Meditech-L: line check for horizontal lines can be used to print horizontal lines of desired thickness and length anywhere on the page.

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