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Report Writing Tip: Dynamic Filenames from a scheduled NPR report (Client/Server or 6.x)

NPR report writers at MAGIC sites probably know that you can write code anywhere in a MAGIC report to put a file name into /ZFTP.TITLE and if the report is scheduled to Auto FTP, the file name created by the report code will be used instead of the default file name based on the report title.

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NPR Tip: Finding records with empty fields (Client/Server or MAGIC)

If you need to write an NPR report and find all records with no value (nil) in a field, you can often write a simple selection EQ nil. For example if you want to find all entries in your discharge disposition dictionary that do not have a "billing code" (@ub82.code) field value,

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Report Designer Part 6:Download Reports and Final Remarks (for now…)

Creating a download report is streamlined in the Report Designer, although it was not that difficult in the NPR Report Writer. If you designate a report format as Export rather than Standard on the General page, the Regions and Layout Pages become unavailable and the Fields page has a setting for download:

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