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Read this latest blog post to learn about Finding Duplicate Medical Records (Client/Server, MAGIC or 6.0).

Recently, a user posting to Meditech-L was looking for a report that could compare patient records in MRI and find all cases where "different" patients have the same name, birth date, and social security number. This means that they have different unit numbers at the same facility, so MEDITECH would treat them as different patients even though they are very likely to be missed merges, and actually the same person.

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Meditech-L: Need Help with NPR Report Calculate date to select by = DOW 1-7

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Meditech-L: Meditech Magic

If you did output in the picture, change the data type of all fields to INT instead of FREE or DATE or other non numeric value. If you are doing output in a trailer region, you may need to add FNC=LST to the field to prevent automatic totaling. Putting DAT=INT on a string works fine and removes the quotes, but if it is in a trailer and is a string you will get wacky output as magic will attempt to sum the strings in the trailer.

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Meditech-L: Attribute Help

Your expression will always return a true. This is because you have the first expression test for the Y, but an independent second expression (the IF statement) that always returns a 1.

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