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NPR Tip: "Echo Name" feature for Customer Report Screens (MAGIC Only)

You may have noticed that MEDITECH standard NPR report screens can have "display only" fields, but in customer reports, there is no attribute or standard method to provide the same feature. In a CDS, you could just set the "Echo Name" flag to Y when building the screen.

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DR+SQL Tip: Using UNION to Best Effect

MEDITECH migrations platform bring many challenges; one of them being that you may find yourself with a new LIVExDB in the picture and once you’re past the go-live you find that data is flowing only into the new LIVExDB and not into the old one anymore.
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Stop at Query if Patient is "on Coumadin" (MAGIC Only)

Someone from Mid Columbia Medical Center in Oregon asked for a way to stop at a query only if a patient was "on coumadin." I am going to interpret that to mean any active PHA order for Warfarin (administration of the drug not checked, although you could add this if needed).

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SQL Tip -- Check Tables for Data

One of the challenges of the Data Repository (DR) is that we often need sets of tables populated with data and, despite everyone’s best efforts, when the rubber hits the road – one of them is empty. The MT task to get it turned on missed it, or you were doing it yourself with a self-service Special IL (if you’re on C/S or MAGIC), and you skipped one yourself.

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Utility Report to Assist with Syntax Checker Changes – MAGIC, Client/Server or 6.x

As most Report Writers are aware, the customer version of the NPR report writer includes a "syntax checker," which does a string search of source code and a string search of object code to attempt to block commands that could delete or alter data.

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Report Writing Tip: Dynamic Filenames from a scheduled NPR report (Client/Server or 6.x)

NPR report writers at MAGIC sites probably know that you can write code anywhere in a MAGIC report to put a file name into /ZFTP.TITLE and if the report is scheduled to Auto FTP, the file name created by the report code will be used instead of the default file name based on the report title.

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Printing to Non-supporting Thermal Label Printer (MAGIC or Client/Server)

How can you print labels to a thermal printer that is not supported by MEDITECH? The short answer is “by sending all the command strings yourself.” For MAGIC sites, this is just a matter of using a macro or line checks or ECB attributes, which send command strings to the printer along with your data. For C/S sites, the same approach will work if the printer is installed as GENERIC or FARGO in the UNV with a GENERIC/TEXT driver installed on the print server (if any). For details see the MEDITECH MIX article:

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Meditech-L: Meditech Magic

If you did output in the picture, change the data type of all fields to INT instead of FREE or DATE or other non numeric value. If you are doing output in a trailer region, you may need to add FNC=LST to the field to prevent automatic totaling. Putting DAT=INT on a string works fine and removes the quotes, but if it is in a trailer and is a string you will get wacky output as magic will attempt to sum the strings in the trailer.

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Meditech-L: Attribute Help

Your expression will always return a true. This is because you have the first expression test for the Y, but an independent second expression (the IF statement) that always returns a 1.

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Meditech-L: line check for horizontal lines can be used to print horizontal lines of desired thickness and length anywhere on the page.

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