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SQL Tip —The Data Request Number

As we’ve discussed before in webinars, white papers and in our SQL training classes, we recommend that all DR-based reporting and extracting be driven by stored procedures. Those stored procedures be used or consumed by either SQL Server Reporting Services reports, or SQL Server Integration Services packages, or Crystal Reports.

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SQL Tip -- Multi-value Parameters for SSRS

Continuing on from last month, when you start building DR + SSRS reports to replace or supplement NPR or RD reporting, you lose some conveniences from direct MEDITECH integration.

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SQL Tip — Facility Prompt by User Access

One of the challenges of moving from inside MEDITECH-integrated reporting (NPR or RD) outside into the realm of DR (SQL + SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports)- based reporting is that you lose the benefits of being integrated.

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SQL Tip -- Check Tables for Data

One of the challenges of the Data Repository (DR) is that we often need sets of tables populated with data and, despite everyone’s best efforts, when the rubber hits the road – one of them is empty. The MT task to get it turned on missed it, or you were doing it yourself with a self-service Special IL (if you’re on C/S or MAGIC), and you skipped one yourself.

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SQL Tip — Making Your Own Legos

Today we play with Lego, or rather we make our own Lego. No, not this way, but in SQL. One of the tremendous things about SQL and the Data Repository is that you can roll your own building blocks and use them over and over again, easily, saving yourself a lot of work down the road — and also making your reports more consistent.

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SQL Tip - Parsing Patient and Provider Names

Tis but patient name tis my enemy;
Thou art five parts, though not in MEDITECH.
What is MEDITECH? It is nor first, nor last,
nor suffix, nor prefix, nor any other part
belonging to a name.
Oh! Be some other structure!
-- Jules Capulet, Report Developer, Verona University Healthcare

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SQL Tip -  Find Queries, Document Sections and Interventions (MEDITECH 6.x Only)

A report request arrives on your desk – complete with screenshots of screens from MEDITECH complete with circles and arrows. But the fields are unfamiliar… a query to the requestor for a Shift-F9 and screenshot of the resulting pop-up yields nothing. “Ah,” you think, “custom queries on a CDS, document section or intervention. Why oh why didn’t MEDITECH code Shift-F9 so it would tell us what query mnemonic was in play? Why?

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DR Tip - Finding fields across MAGIC/M-AT/DR Using the DR Data Def Tables

For tips on using the DR Data Def Tables in CS/MAGIC 5.67 or MT 6.07/6.15, please see this updated post.

One of the challenges of DR-based report development is the same as for NPR or RD… where is the data you want stored? One way to find out is to go into MEDITECH and find the field, and – if you are lucky – you can do:

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