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NPR Tip: Abstract Status Index (Client/Server)

A MEDITECH 6.0 customer recently requested our help to speed up a report she was using to find all accounts with a final abstract date of T-1. Her report, using the “abs.status.x” index was taking several hours to compile, and this was causing issues for some outside vendor.

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NPR Tip: Client/Server “Echo Name” feature

In an earlier blog tip I showed how to add an “Echo Name” feature to a MAGIC NPR report, but I did not show a method to do the same thing for Client/Server because I assumed I’d need to use the %NPR.UI programs to write data to the screen and fight the Syntax Checker, which attempts to block any calls to %NPR.

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DR+SQL Tip: Using UNION to Best Effect

MEDITECH migrations platform bring many challenges; one of them being that you may find yourself with a new LIVExDB in the picture and once you’re past the go-live you find that data is flowing only into the new LIVExDB and not into the old one anymore.
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NPR Tip:  What Happened on March 1st 1980?

MAGIC and Client/Server Time Stamps and how to use them.

Example Reports

Report with "elapsed time" information

Export of Doctor Dictionary Entries created or edited on/after selected date.

List of NPR Reports "run since" elected date

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NPR Tip: Keep Users Entertained During Download or Printing (MAGIC or Client/Server)

If you have a report that users are going to run and wait for, it can be nice to print some kind of progress message to the screen to keep them entertained.

The easiest way to do this is to use the @W.display macro, which will show a message in a window while the report runs.

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SQL Tip -- Check Tables for Data

One of the challenges of the Data Repository (DR) is that we often need sets of tables populated with data and, despite everyone’s best efforts, when the rubber hits the road – one of them is empty. The MT task to get it turned on missed it, or you were doing it yourself with a self-service Special IL (if you’re on C/S or MAGIC), and you skipped one yourself.

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Getting Most Recent BAR Comment for Account (MAGIC, Client/Server, or 6.0)

A BAR analyst from a C/S hospital posted a request to the "Meditech-L" mailing list, asking for help in including the last billing comment and last billing comment date on a BAR.PAT report.

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NPR Tip (MAGIC or Client/Server) – When Standard Graphics Attributes Fall Short

One limitation of NPR report graphical attributes is that you can only start vertical lines at the top of a box. Here is an example of a page header for a discharge order form:

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NPR Tip (MAGIC or Client/Server) – Report to Download with “CSV” Extension Opens Immediately in Excel

At MUSE 2014, the most popular "tip" was probably the demonstration of an NPR report that allows the user to send output to "DOWNLOAD" with a CSV extension on the file and two footnotes on the report allow the just created file to open automatically in Excel. No "End of Report" message to close. No need to find the report flat file and open with Excel.

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DR Tip - Finding fields across MAGIC/M-AT/DR Using the DR Data Def Tables

For tips on using the DR Data Def Tables in CS/MAGIC 5.67 or MT 6.07/6.15, please see this updated post.

One of the challenges of DR-based report development is the same as for NPR or RD… where is the data you want stored? One way to find out is to go into MEDITECH and find the field, and – if you are lucky – you can do:

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