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Getting Most Recent BAR Comment for Account (MAGIC, Client/Server, or 6.0)

A BAR analyst from a C/S hospital posted a request to the "Meditech-L" mailing list, asking for help in including the last billing comment and last billing comment date on a BAR.PAT report.

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SQL Tip -  Find Queries, Document Sections and Interventions (MEDITECH 6.x Only)

A report request arrives on your desk – complete with screenshots of screens from MEDITECH complete with circles and arrows. But the fields are unfamiliar… a query to the requestor for a Shift-F9 and screenshot of the resulting pop-up yields nothing. “Ah,” you think, “custom queries on a CDS, document section or intervention. Why oh why didn’t MEDITECH code Shift-F9 so it would tell us what query mnemonic was in play? Why?

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DR Tip - Finding fields across MAGIC/M-AT/DR Using the DR Data Def Tables

For tips on using the DR Data Def Tables in CS/MAGIC 5.67 or MT 6.07/6.15, please see this updated post.

One of the challenges of DR-based report development is the same as for NPR or RD… where is the data you want stored? One way to find out is to go into MEDITECH and find the field, and – if you are lucky – you can do:

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Report Writing Tip: Dynamic Filenames from a scheduled NPR report (Client/Server or 6.x)

NPR report writers at MAGIC sites probably know that you can write code anywhere in a MAGIC report to put a file name into /ZFTP.TITLE and if the report is scheduled to Auto FTP, the file name created by the report code will be used instead of the default file name based on the report title.

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Save Valuable White Space on Your Reports (MAGIC, Client/Server or Report Designer)

When you use sort headers on an NPR or Report Designer report, you can print the sort values on a line above the detail items like so:

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Report Designer Part 6:Download Reports and Final Remarks (for now…)

Creating a download report is streamlined in the Report Designer, although it was not that difficult in the NPR Report Writer. If you designate a report format as Export rather than Standard on the General page, the Regions and Layout Pages become unavailable and the Fields page has a setting for download:

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Report Designer Part 5: Regions and Layout (Report Designer speaks for the picture)

The Regions Page allows you to activate different regions, and to create count and statistical fields for your trailer regions. Rather than creating a computed field with a VAL and an FNC, you can create a counting field per record (so count at the detail level or at a child segment level or both) or a statistic for a numeric field.

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Report Designer Part 4: Much More Convenient Field Selection and Entry (at least at first)…

Some aspects of the new Report Designer are actually nicer than those of the NPR Report Writer. Field selection and field placement on the picture is quicker and easier. Of course, if you have the NPR RW keystrokes and NPR RW functionality burned into your neural pathways, you might think that you are doomed, but you may have felt that way when you lost 10 function keys going from your Esprit 105c to a PC but I bet you cannot describe the difference between the fat, skinny, and double arrows now!

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Report Designer Part 3: Why can’t I delete or edit the field that is highlighted????!!!!

Don't be fooled by the blue highlighting on data in a field in the Report Designer. Just because the data is highlighted, this does not mean you can do something to it (like delete or change it).

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Report Designer Part 2, A Detailed Tour

by Joe Cocuzzo

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