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Monday, July 26, 2021 11:00 AM

T-SQL- SQL Agent Owners and the Lotto

Written by Thomas Harlan, Reporting Services Team - iatricSystems

RWS_Blog_LottoHere’s a sad scene: You’ve been creating and scheduling SQL Agent jobs for years. You’ve got database maintenance jobs set up, backups, SSIS Packages to import and export data, SQL-only jobs to build datamarts. A whole ecosystem of finely tuned, perfectly running activities … all keeping your DR in tip-top condition.

Then you go down to the corner store and buy a Lotto ticket.

And you win! (Cue happy, joyful music)

And you retire to live in luxury on Whitsunday Island or Bermuda or the British Virgin Islands.

Back at the hospital, however, things are not going so well. (Cue sad, unhappy music)

All of your SQL Agent jobs died the moment your AD account was set inactive. All of the reports running under your AD credentials also died, but that’s more obvious as to why. (Unless, of course, you did schedule them as yourself… in which case that killed them too).

The backup DBA swears bitterly because all of those SSIS packages, for example, are running using a Proxy account which accesses a service AD account which did not get disabled when you traipsed off into the sunset. (of course… if you didn’t do that already? They die two times.)

Why did these SQL Agent jobs stop working? Because… this field marked in red. It had your AD account name in it:

SQL 07-27-2021 image 2

How lovely!

That field gets filled in for every SQL Agent job you create.

What to do?

You switch the ownership of every job to the AD credential used for the SSIS proxy account, which is a non-person, service-style account. That account will never expire, so even if you win the lotto, the jobs will keep running.


You can assign ownership to the SA user, which will also always be present.

Extra Credit

In addition to checking all of your SQL Agent jobs for person-specific owners, you will want to also review your Schedules in SQL Agent to identify SQL Agent jobs sharing schedules, as that kind of cross-over has unintended consequences when you enable/disable/delete Schedules without realizing what is associated with them. 

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