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Monday, August 17, 2020 12:00 PM

SQL Server Reporting Services: Dealing with Hidden Columns in Export

Written by Thomas Harlan, Reporting Services Team - iatricSystems

SQL-Server-Reporting-Services-Dealing-with-Hidden-Columns-in-Export - Blog header July 2020One of the upsides / downsides of deploying SQL Server Reporting Services to your customers is that it allows them to Export data from a published report (or a subscription to a report) to a file. You can also send the data by email, though that functionality is disabled by default.

When you start working with Export, however, eventually you are going to run into a scenario where:

  1. You have one or more fields in the report layout that are Hidden.
  2. But when you Export the data, the hidden fields are included.

Well, that is not what you wanted! And it is not expected either… but there it is. Hidden items are only hidden in the on-line report, not in an Exported version of the report.

Now, maybe that is what you want! But if it is not… then you need to set an additional property on the report item to hide it in Export as well.

  1. Make sure the Properties pane is open, so you can set Item-level properties.
  2. On the design surface, click the Item you need to make extra-double-hidden.
  3. Find the DataElementOutput property. Set this to No Output.

8-17-20 image 1

Save the Report, then try exporting it. The Hidden + No Output items should no longer appear.

Sadly, you cannot set this property with an Expression, so you cannot chain it to the Hidden property and have that control both properties.

Extra Credit

Did you notice that there is also a DataElementName property? That can also be quite useful for your Export layout.


As ever, if you need help with MEDITECH DR optimization, reporting, extracting, index creation or analysis please feel free to give your iatricSystems Account Executive a call or email to discuss how we can help support your team!