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Find NPR Report Translation Errors more easily (MAGIC)

Written by Joe Cocuzzo, Senior VP of Report Writing Services - iatricSystems

At the recent International MUSE conference, one of the NPR Tips and Tricks showed a new utility report I wrote to deal with the problem of NPR translation error messages streaming by much too fast to be read. One solution, if you are not working remotely, is to translate to a MAGIC device rather than the screen. If you are working remotely, you can translate using option #17 (Translate) to BKG and then use #53 and select “Errors Only.”

(Client/Server users do not face this issue because you can translate to Preview and scroll through pages to find errors, and when you translate a macro, you have the added conveniences of an immediate “Errors Only” selection prompt.)

NPR Tip Image

What I did was to create a report to launch the background translate in exactly the same manner that happens in option #17, and have the report wait up to 10 seconds for the translation to complete, then to print out just the errors as they happen when you use option #53. The report saves time and typing.

Just identify the report at the prompt (lookup available) and print to S, VIEW, LOCAL, PREVIEW or any printer, and instead of lightning fast reflexes on the pause key, or a more tedious two step process of translate/list translate information, you can get a list of all errors in one easy step.

NPR Tip Image

NPR Tip Image

To write the report, I looked at the standard routine and duplicated the various flags that are set before the routine %NPR.PROC.trans() is called and duplicated the flags in a report.

NPR Tip Image

Then I looked at the routine that lists the BKG information and duplicated that code to print out an MV array of the translation errors.

NPR Tip Image

The theme of this year’s “Tips and Tricks” (for NPR and RD) was “Save Keystrokes and Retire Early.” You can get the PowerPoint and all report examples (including this utility) on the MUSE information page on our website at:

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