Report Writing

Interoperability and EHR Optimization

Privacy and Security

TSQL Concatenation + operator vs CONCAT vs CONCAT_WS

T-SQL- Guaranteeing the Database Context in Dynamic SQL

T-SQL- Error: “Cannot resolve the collation conflict between…”

Don’t Forget lowly SourceID!

T-SQL- SQL Agent Owners and the Lotto

T-SQL- Dropping SQL Objects Cleanly

SSRS: Limit the number of columns on a matrix

T-SQL + MEDITECH DR – Patient Location at a Point in Time

T-SQL- Reducing Log Usage with a Looped DELETE

T-SQL- Using Linked Server Data

T-SQL- Reformatting bulk text into a table of lines

T-SQL- Constructing NPR Database Source ID’s per Facility

T-SQL- Constructing a GL Account string from a BAR payment or adjustment (MT 6.15+)

T-SQL: Managing Significant Digits

SQL Server Reporting Services: Dealing with Hidden Columns in Export

T-SQL: XML from SQL, Managing Escaped Characters

T-SQL: Formatting Numbers and Dates with FORMAT vs. CONVERT


SSRS: Using Parameters to Add Documentation to a Report

SSRS: Conditionally Set Visibility of Group Based on Group Count

T-SQL: Using Dense _RANK vs ROW_NUMBER with NUR Queries

SSRS Tip: Referencing Values from Calculated Fields on a Report

SSRS Tip: Using wildcards in Report parameters

SQL Tip: Improving the Speed of ALL

SQL Tip: Using SourceID in #Temp tables

SQL Tip: Returning Significant Digits

SSRS Tip: Adding A Tool to Clear the SSRS Data Cache

SSRS: The Report Issues Link to Report Issues with a Report

SQL: Finding the Smallest or Largest of a Fixed Set of Values

SQL Tip: To ISNULL() or not to ISNULL()

SSIS Tip: Managing SQL Server Reporting Services Versions

SSIS Tip: Using #Temp Tables with Integration Services Packages

SQL Tip: Using a Date Dimension Table to Calculate Patient Days by Location

SQL Tip: Wrangling the SurCase_DocQuestions Table in MEDITECH 6.1

Summer Webinars: Data Repository, NPR, 6.1 Reports Migration, and More

SSRS Tip: Control the Execution Order of SSRS Datasets

SQL Tip: Checking for Invalid Provider NPI Numbers

SQL Tip: Finding Lab Test LOINC Code Values

SQL Tip: Checking for Duplicate Indexes

SQL Tip: Parsing Packed Fields in MEDITECH 6.x

SQL + SSRS Tip: Get the Data Structure of a SQL Command

SQL + SSRS Tip: Time Blocking

SQL + SSRS Tip: Avoid Trouble with DATETIME, DATETIME2 in SSRS Reports

NPR Tip: Custom Dictionary Lookups in NPR Reports

SQL Tip: Using MEDITECH Date Mnemonics in SSIS

SQL Tip: How to Remove MTDD-style Formatting from TextLines

Summer Webinars: Tips n Tricks, 6.1 Reports Migration, and More

PHI and MEDITECH’s Data Repository

NPR Tip: Various “Gotchas” in MEDITECH field names

DR Tip: A Dynamic Extract Documentation Template

SQL Tip: How to Strip Repeating Delimiters from String

SSRS Tip: Adding a Pipe-delimited option to SSRS Export Destinations

SQL Tip: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of TOP X

Migration: Export MOX Using NPR

Using DR Data Def Tables, Updated for CS/MAGIC 5.67 or MT 6.07/6.15

SSIS Tip: Formatting Numbers with Commas via Expression

SQL+DR Tip: Use SSIS Templates to Speed Extract Builds

SQL Tip: Managing Diagnosis Codes (5.67 edition)

NPR Tip: Abstract Status Index (Client/Server)

MEDITECH DR Tip: Data Dictionary Search with Possessives


NPR Tip: Client/Server “Echo Name” feature

SQL Tip: Auto-printing from SSRS to a Networked Printer

Testing Code for ICD-10

SQL/SSRS/Data Repository tips, MEDITECH NPR Report Writer tips

Save Trees and Charge for More ER Supplies

NPR Tip: "Echo Name" feature for Customer Report Screens (MAGIC Only)

DR+SQL Tip: Using UNION to Best Effect

DR+NPR Tip: Running Web-based Reports from a MEDITECH Menu

SQL Tip - Managing Diagnosis Codes

NPR Tip:  What Happened on March 1st 1980?

SQL Tip —The Data Request Number

NPR Tip: Every Module Can Have Room and Bed Index (MAGIC or Client/Server)

NPR Tip: Keep Users Entertained During Download or Printing (MAGIC or Client/Server)

SQL Tip -- Multi-value Parameters for SSRS

SQL Tip — Facility Prompt by User Access

Stop at Query if Patient is "on Coumadin" (MAGIC Only)

SQL Tip -- Check Tables for Data

Getting Most Recent BAR Comment for Account (MAGIC, Client/Server, or 6.0)

SQL Tip — Making Your Own Legos

Writing files from NPR report to a shared folder from a scheduled or submerged report (MAGIC Only)

NPR Tip (MAGIC only) - Printing Radiology ($T RAD) Text and how to use ECB/ECE loop in a report

SQL Tip - Parsing Patient and Provider Names

NPR Tip (MAGIC or Client/Server) – When Standard Graphics Attributes Fall Short

SQL Tip -  Find Queries, Document Sections and Interventions (MEDITECH 6.x Only)

NPR Tip (MAGIC or Client/Server) – Report to Download with “CSV” Extension Opens Immediately in Excel

DR Tip -  Iatric DR SQL and Microsoft Reporting Services Tip ˜ Date Mnemonics

DR Tip - Finding fields across MAGIC/M-AT/DR Using the DR Data Def Tables

NPR Tip (MAGIC) – Default Segment and Directory in "MOVE REPORTS"

C/S NPR Tip & DR/SQL Tip

Run Report for Period without prompting for date range (Client/Server or MAGIC)

NPR Hot Key Report to See Activity (MAGIC only)

NPR Sunday Puzzler solved with NPR report (MAGIC example)

Adding custom dictionary lookup with CH and GRP attributes (and how to mimic GRP= in Client/Server)

Utility Report to Assist with Syntax Checker Changes – MAGIC, Client/Server or 6.x

When is an Order Actually Two Orders? (Client/Server or MAGIC)

Read this latest blog post to learn about Finding Duplicate Medical Records (Client/Server, MAGIC or 6.0).

Force Client/Server or MAGIC Report to Download File

Find NPR Report Translation Errors more easily (MAGIC)

Selection based on a subtotal (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Just Curious: ICD-9 vs ICD-10 – eh?

Summary Subtotals in Report Trailer (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Smarter Location Lookup (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Some unusual but useful MAGIC syntax—the “U(nqueue) function and a little known syntax for queuing.

Smarter OE/POM rules Part 2 (Client/Server or MAGIC)

Smarter OE/POM rules (Client/Server or MAGIC)

Report Writing Tip: Dynamic Filenames from a scheduled NPR report (Client/Server or 6.x)

Rotated Bar Codes Revisited (MAGIC Only)

“Fishbone” Diagrams (MAGIC or C/S)

Save Valuable White Space on Your Reports (MAGIC, Client/Server or Report Designer)

Oh Sheet! (of labels)

Stripping characters for a Download Report

Make “Program Call” macros rename automatically (MAGIC and Client/Server)

NPR Tip: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Changes to Log Patient Inclusion on Custom Reports (MAGIC and Client/Server)

NPR Tip: Overcoming the 255 Character Limit to Browse to a Long URL from MAGIC

NPR Tip: An Index for B/AR Comments (Client/Server or MAGIC)

NPR Tip: Date/Time Stamp with Seconds (Client/Server or MAGIC)

NPR Tip: Finding records with empty fields (Client/Server or MAGIC)

Formatting Phone Numbers (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Avoiding Fragments (MAGIC this time. . . )

Avoiding Fragments (Client/Server Only)

Meditech-L: Need Help with NPR Report Calculate date to select by

Type-Ahead lookup (MAGIC Only)

Meditech-L: Get rid of trailing spaces in NPR fields

Nursing Report that finds its own interventions (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Using the Spell Check Dictionary in a Program (MAGIC Only)

Printing to Non-supporting Thermal Label Printer (MAGIC or Client/Server)

Meditech-L: Meditech Magic

Meditech-L: Attribute Help

Meditech-L: line check for horizontal lines

Meditech-L Zebra HC100 wrist band printer

Restricting output by facility, confidential access, and location (Client/Server or MAGIC)

Syntax Checker Issues (MAGIC or Client/Server)

AdHoc Reporting for MEDITECH NPR Data Definitions

Detail and Summary Report in One (MAGIC or C/S)

Report Writer 101 Show Run-Time Selections on Report (including lists)

DO Loop Builder – Enhancement for Cross Module NPR Reports

Report Designer Part 6:Download Reports and Final Remarks (for now…)

Report Designer Part 5: Regions and Layout (Report Designer speaks for the picture)

Collated Copies from NPR report (MAGIC or C/S)

Report Designer Part 4: Much More Convenient Field Selection and Entry (at least at first)…

Report Designer Part 3: Why can’t I delete or edit the field that is highlighted????!!!!

Report Designer Part 2, A Detailed Tour

The Report Designer – A first look