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Time Matters with Sepsis—Here’s One Minute that Really Counts

Written by Mark H. Johnson, MHA, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Vice President, Sales and Marketing - iatricSystems

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When sepsis sets in, minutes count before shock and even death become a real possibility. But now there’s an innovative solution to help healthcare organizations detect signs of sepsis early and prevent potentially devastating complications.

We’ve produced a short video that sums up just how effective this new technology is. Watch and learn how it can help clinical staff save lives by —

  • monitoring patients at all risk levels in real time across the entire facility
  • detecting sepsis early through advanced algorithms, and
  • providing alerts right in the EMR so staff can intervene quickly, with no change in workflow

Having experienced sepsis firsthand — and owing my life to fast detection and treatment —  I’m excited for you to see why I’m so passionate about this cutting-edge solution.

Check out the video. I promise it will be a minute well spent. For your patients, it could be the most important minute of all.

Watch the Video 

Topics: Sepsis Management, sepsis mortality, early sepsis detection, sepsis treatment

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