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Wake-Up Call: Sepsis Measure Performance Data Will Go Public on Hospital Compare in July 2018

Written by Mark H. Johnson, MHA, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Vice President, Sales and Marketing - iatricSystems


Some of you may recall attending the recent CMS educational webinar held at the end of February 2018 during which they reviewed the 5.3A Protocol. But with all the new information being presented it was easy to overlook a very important point — one that could have a huge impact on patient health, the reputation of hospitals, as well as individuals charged with sepsis management.

CMS has announced that, starting in July of this year, SEP-1 overall hospital performance will be publicly reported beginning with the July 2018 Hospital Compare release. 

This news is good, bad, or terrifying depending on your sepsis management performance history. Hospitals with good numbers have nothing to fear; they will be proud to share their performance with prospective patients and their family members. But hospitals with poor numbers will no longer be able to conceal their sepsis performance and will undoubtedly feel increased pressure to improve their sepsis management programs.

Also, let’s not forget that, ultimately, where sepsis management is concerned, we’re dealing with patients’ lives. So, the stakes could hardly be any higher.

Note these important dates

The Preview Period for this change is anticipated to be from May 4 through June 2, with the actual release on July 25, 2018 showing data for Q1 2017 through Q3 2017. The first full year of data (CY 2017) will be reported in the October 2018 Hospital Compare release.

Take action now

The new CMS announcement is a huge motivation for you — and all hospital quality/sepsis coordinators — to take a close look at your current sepsis performance. Make sure your systems are identifying the right patients and triggering the right protocols. A good sepsis management solution should also enable you to look back on historical trends to drive process improvement.

A trusted resource for many of the nation’s most respected healthcare organizations, Iatric Systems has developed a powerful sepsis management solution that can help you accomplish all these objectives — and it’s fully explained in our brief but informative video.

View our video

If you want to make sure your organization’s sepsis numbers are ready for prime time — or want to enhance your organization’s reputation by pushing your performance to the next level — I strongly encourage you to take a minute and watch this video.

And don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like additional information and insights on the new CMS ruling.

Watch the Video 

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