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Written by Frank Fortner, President and COO of Iatric Systems

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This may sound like I’m stating the obvious, but one of the most integral components of Iatric Systems culture is communication - clear, constant and comprehensive in terms of making sure the right people are on the receiving end.

In fact, it may be the most crucial part of what we do every day. Everything from product development to customer service to sales and invoicing hinges upon clear, effective communication.  It plays a major role in our customers’ and partners’ success. In full disclosure, we’re not at all claiming to be perfect in our communication efforts, but we do strive for continual improvement - and that brings me to the main purpose for writing today.

As popular culture and modern technology constantly (and rapidly) change the way we communicate, our goal is to use the most appropriate means available in order to keep our customers and partners informed – and more importantly, to have our customers and partners keep us informed. Bill Gates once said, “I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other.”

For several years, our Updates! electronic newsletter served us well on the first front, but as social media and blogs take on a more prominent role today, we feel it is a good time to begin reaping the various benefits of blog style communication, beginning with the conversational aspect.

One of the major limitations of an e-newsletter is the one-way nature of the communication. Senders send, and readers receive. Any feedback or communication back to the sender is pointed at an email address, and not simply by clicking ‘reply’ on the email. Our new blog format was designed to be more of a two-way conversation - as blogs should be! Newsletters also lack a personalization aspect, but the new blog format will also give readers the ability to subscribe to one or more categories of interest. I will be a primary contributor to a blog titled ‘Perspectives’ where we’ll have a sharing of general ideas, insights and opinions. Yet, a privacy officer might want to subscribe to postings listed under the Patient Privacy category, but skip the others.

Our hope is that you find this blog to be a valuable source of information as well as place where you will want to contribute to the conversation, thereby helping to create an environment where we can truly learn from each other. We look forward to the discussions ahead!

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