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Thursday, November 16, 2017 4:13 PM

Security Audit Manager iQ™ Series: Patient Privacy Made Smarter

Written by Tim Burris, HCISPP, Product Manager, Privacy and Security - iatricSystems

It has been more than a decade since the HIPAA Security Rule established technical safeguards which require organizations to audit access to electronic protected health information. Since then, auditing programs have continued to grow in size and scope.

Many solutions began solely as reactive programs, in which auditors would only audit the access to records after an incident was reported. However, over time, many became increasingly proactive as technology allowed. Proactive auditing allows investigators to identify suspicious activity as it occurs, rather than awaiting a specific incident. These solutions continue to progress, ushering in new methods of identifying and prioritizing suspicious activity in healthcare systems.

Iatric Systems developed and released Security Audit Manager™ in 2003 in the wake of the HIPAA Security Rule. This solution has grown, spurred by the needs of healthcare organizations to audit patient record access. It has seen several iterations and enhancements which helped it achieve recognition by KLAS as the leader in patient privacy monitoring, three years running.

The future of healthcare privacy and information security continues to require more and more of privacy auditors. Privacy analysts are being told to do more with less, and are plagued by complicated investigations with dead-ends and false positives. Iatric Systems is poised to help auditors meet these challenges with our next generation of our privacy solution, Security Audit Manager iQ™.

Security Audit Manager iQ takes Security Audit Manager to the next level — it  improves auditor workflows, enhances detection, and reduces false positives. We're expanding on our award-winning solution and modernizing the technology, streamlining efficiency, and improving the workflow to make auditors' lives easier overall.

The threat landscape will continue to evolve. Malicious actors will find more creative ways to exploit information. With Security Audit Manager iQ, we seek to help organizations meet these challenges, both new and old, in ways that are more efficient than ever.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing more of how your patient privacy experience will be rewritten by Security Audit Manager iQ. And now, we invite you to see a preview of what's to come!