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Friday, August 26, 2016 12:00 PM

Security app helps hospital pass CMS risk assessment, HIPAA audit

Written by Karen Pursch, Director, Patient Privacy Solutions

Security app helps hospital pass CMS risk assessment, HIPAA audit

Iatric Systems customer, Ed Ricks, CIO of Beaufort Memorial, shares that “technology can produce useful details to further prove your privacy compliance efforts to federal auditors.”

In this recent article, Security App helps hospital pass CMS risk assessment, HIPAA audit, published on August 22, 2016, in SearchHealthIT, Ed Ricks discusses how the 200-bed hospital was able to pass the audit with the help of Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager™.

This article highlights the following tips about using Security Audit Manager for protecting patient privacy and passing a CMS or an OCR audit:


  • Ability to bring in the EHR audit log — whether it’s Epic or Cerner or MEDITECH — and map all of the data so it all make sense.

  • Automatic detection of potential inappropriate access and use.
  • Ability to identify outliers or abnormal behavior to not only detect a possible breach, but also to help educate employees who may be unknowingly accessing patient data they shouldn’t be allowed to access.
  • Helped Beaufort Memorial pass the risk assessment, and provided further help in the auditing process because of its ability to document possible violations in detail.
  • Changed the hospital’s culture — once the technology was implemented, it motivated people to change.

 After reading this article, please join us for a live demonstration, A day in the Life of a Privacy Auditor, highlighting Security Audit Manager, on October 6th, at 2:00PM ET.