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Friday, November 20, 2020 6:54 PM

Fall Exchange Recap – How to Plan for the Future of Cybersecurity

Written by Rich Murphy, Product Director - iatricSystems

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Last month, we hosted our first major virtual event – the iatricSystems Fall Exchange – that covered the top challenges healthcare organizations face in 2020, including privacy and security, clinical improvements and report writing.

In this blog series, we’ll give you a recap of the individual sessions to share key points and insight from industry experts and their discussions with healthcare leaders. Read on for a quick overview of the first session about cybersecurity planning.

Adapting to Prevent Cybersecurity Threats
While all hospitals and healthcare organizations face their own unique challenges, everyone is still looking towards the horizon when it comes to what’s next and how they can be prepared to overcome future challenges.

The privacy and security session, Security is A Moving Target: How to Plan for the Future, brought together GreyCastle Security and the CISO from Provation Medical to discuss how – and why – you need to develop an adaptive security strategy.

Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report revealed that “while the COVID-19-themed attacks represent a small percentage of the total malware we’ve observed, our tracking of these themed attacks shows how rapidly cybercriminals move to adapt their lures to the topics of the day.”

This is important knowledge for healthcare IT departments and CISOs because the reality is cybersecurity is a moving target. You can put every penny in your budget towards solving today’s unique security challenges, but you have to realize that tomorrow could be a whole new ball game.

The conversation starts by illuminating the different perspectives between the executive team versus the IT team regarding security posture. On the one hand, the executive team will often feel like they have everything under control – “we have a force shield around our company, we have everything locked down and everything is in place.”

But from the IT perspective, they have too many things to manage regarding new initiatives around cybersecurity, patient safety and health – “it’s difficult for us to keep up and we don’t know how to focus our time.” Before you revisit your security strategy for 2021, cybersecurity leaders say that you need to check-in and understand the perspective of all players when it comes to security.

Another key takeaway from this session is that the only constant in security is change. Melinda Ramble-Stone of Provation Medical shared all the security changes they’ve faced just over the course of this year, including how they’ve addressed new risks, testing their continuity plan and how they’re aligning their current and future goals with security – watch the full discussion between GreyCastle Security and Provation Medical.

As security continues to be a top initiative for healthcare organizations, we’ll continue to drive insightful conversations that can truly help everyone create a more secure environment to protect organizations and their patients.

During the Fall Exchange, we also shed light on the current state of healthcare privacy and security, the impact of remote access, and artificial intelligence innovations. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our portfolio of security and patient privacy solutions.