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Karen Pursch, Director, Patient Privacy Solutions

In her role as director of patient privacy solutions at Iatric Systems, Karen Pursch has been the driving force behind our flagship product, Security Audit Manager, which has been implemented in 1,000 facilities and has been named a KLAS Category Leader for the last four years. Karen is a sought-after speaker, and a widely acknowledged expert on data integration. Along with holding senior marketing director positions over the course of her career, she also has an extensive background in high-technology software. She has made major contributions to the success of companies such as Hughes, Rockwell, and Sybase. At Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she was the lead engineer in the development of new technology for the analysis of space flight data. A patient privacy solutions innovator, Karen is pioneering the next evolution in the field with the introduction of Security Audit Manager iQ™, which uses machine-learning and role-based behavioral analysis to reduce false positives and drive faster, more accurate audit determinations.

OCR to Expand Compliance Reviews of Small Healthcare Breaches

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced in August, that it has launched a new initiative to more widely investigate HIPAA breaches of protected health information (PHI) affecting fewer than 500 individuals.

There were 232,000 breaches of PHI affecting fewer than 500 individuals reported to OCR by covered entities and business associates between October 2009 and June 2016.

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Security app helps hospital pass CMS risk assessment, HIPAA audit

Iatric Systems customer, Ed Ricks, CIO of Beaufort Memorial, shares that “technology can produce useful details to further prove your privacy compliance efforts to federal auditors.”

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OCR is doing a good thing by making us “Eat our Vegetables”

Healthcare is, at its core, based on relationships. And, as with any relationship, trust is foundational to building and maintaining a strong relationship. Trust can be fragile and fleeting. It can be either eroded or enhanced in an instant.

Providers have to build a culture of privacy within their organization — one where privacy and security aren’t just occasionally mentioned, but frequently talked about. After all, healthcare providers are stewards of precious information.

Unfortunately, the data that healthcare providers have is also extremely valuable.

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Why You Should Embrace an OCR Audit

News that your organization could be facing an audit is usually cause for anxiety and much gnashing of teeth. At best, it means scrambling to assemble the required information before the deadline expires. At worst...well, let’s not go there.

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Reducing Improper Access of Patient Records by 98%

When hospital clinicians are accessing patient records thousands of times daily, how do you spot the access that’s questionable or worse?

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4 Ways To Reduce the Number of Patient Privacy Audits

We all know that as EMRs replace paper records, it is impossible to manually review millions of audit logs to check for potential patient privacy breaches. As a result, in the past, most organizations resorted to random audits. I want to believe that a majority of healthcare organizations are now using technology to automate the monitoring of these patient access logs.

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My Trip to the Clinic and Protecting Patient Privacy

One internal value that has always been strong at Iatric Systems is that our Founder and CEO, Joel Berman, cares for his “family” by providing the best healthcare insurance and wellness plans possible.

If you knew me personally, you would know that I hate going to the doctor’s office, and probably most of us feel that way, too. Iatric Systems just signed up for a new wellness program, and the incentive to participate hit home with me — a financial incentive was applied!

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