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Bill Leonard, Vice President, Professional Services - iatricSystems

Bill began his career in Healthcare 30 years ago at MEDITECH. In his 11-year tenure at MEDITECH, Bill worked as a Lab programmer, Developer, and Manager. Prior to joining iatricSystems in 2005, Bill was the Director over Contract Programming for Picis. Bill’s wealth of experience at iatricSystems as an interface programmer, developer, Director of Support, Director of Patient Privacy, and Director of Interoperability has given him a strong understanding of the challenges hospital and healthcare systems face. Bill has the vision to bring customer solutions to fruition.

Map Your Way to a Successful Patient Privacy Program

I have had many conversations with our customers regarding patient privacy monitoring, including the importance of capturing and mapping key data elements such as Guarantor/Subscriber, Next of Kin, and High Profile Patients. These sites varied greatly in size — hospitals, critical access hospitals, HIE organizations, clinics, and providers. Each of these patient privacy monitoring implementations came with unique challenges. I have to say that it’s always interesting to learn what data customers want to include in their treasure chest, to deem their implementation successful.

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Privacy breaches cost $5.6 billion a year

$5.6 billion.  $5,600,000,000.  Seeing the amount, instead of just reading the amount, gives it more meaning — at least to me it does. That rather large number is how much privacy breaches cost the healthcare industry annually. Each healthcare organization spends almost $2 Million ($2,000,000) over a 2-year period to address attacks. The most troubling trend is that the attacks on healthcare organizations are on the rise and expected to continue.

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Riding the Magic Omnibus

Every day I want to cry (too much Omnibus)
How can I protect your PHI (too much Omnibus)
I'm confused and at a loss (too much Omnibus)
So can you please explain Omnibus (too much Omnibus)
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What is Reasonable and Appropriate under the HIPAA Security Rule?

I am often faced with the following question from customers: "Can you tell me specifically what we need to do to comply with HIPAA’s information system activity review requirement…What is ‘reasonable and appropriate’?"

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Let’s face it, protecting patient privacy has never been healthcare’s strong suit

In a recent report, "2015 Data Breach Investigations Report," conducted by Verizon, analysts put healthcare security under the microscope and identified that insider snooping (think employee snooping and organized crime groups) jumped from 15% in 2014 to 20% in 2015. They observed a surge in organized crime groups that position themselves as people in healthcare so they can swipe data for tax fraud.

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