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Monday, May 18, 2020 2:00 PM

Turning Requests Into Action - New Solutions are Here!

Written by Rob Rhodes, CHCIO, CISSP, HCISPP, Executive Vice President - iatricSystems


Conference season is exciting – you meet new people, learn new things, and most companies reveal new products and solutions. As you know, in light of COVID-19, most conferences and tradeshows are on pause for now. But, we wanted to remind you that even though we can’t shake hands or say hello in person, we’re still here for you.

While we don’t have the sparkle of the exhibit floor lights, our experts are ready to share with you six solutions and improvements they’ve been working on, so take a look at what’s new.

Evaluate Risk with Real-Time Data

SmartBoard Vision™, the web-based next generation of Visual SmartBoard™ (VSB), gives users the ability to create dashboards to track, monitor, and report on data from multiple systems.

Like VSB, Smartboard Vision utilizes algorithms to score and evaluate risks in real-time. We’ve taken it a step further with the ability to provide the same data aggregation for any EHR Vendor.

Simplify Monitoring and Managing of Interfaces

Beacon™, the latest technology application to monitor and manage interfaces, takes an active approach using automated notification via email or text to alert staff of interface errors.

Running on the new iatricSystems Fastlane™ web application platform, the Beacon application provides a simplified look and feel, and streamlined deployment. Your team can then use Beacon to troubleshoot and correct issues.

Beacon can be deployed almost immediately as a hosted solution for existing iatricSystems interface customers.

Minimize Risk to Investigation Integrity

Manager’s Portal, now a part of the Security Audit Manager™ and Haystack™ privacy solution portfolio, streamlines workflows between the privacy team and department manager when conducting a privacy investigation.

Now, the auditor has the ability to “assign” an inquiry to another user for additional input. Manually exporting evidence and attaching it to email can constitute risks to investigation integrity and patient privacy.

The Manager’s Portal keeps all relevant documentation and investigation workflows within the system, minimizing effort and optimizing incident accountability.

Reallocate Costs with a Labor-Saving Tool

Similar to its predecessor ScriptLink™, iatriScript™ uses simple programming language to perform data entry or other repetitive, time-consuming tasks that would otherwise require expensive interfaces or manual data entry.

In many cases, hospitals can save the labor equivalent to, or greater than, a full-time employee.

Since iatriScript is considerably less expensive than a full-time employee, this solution offers a significant return on investment, and it's fully backwards compatible with our previous scripting solutions.

Reduce Hardware Requirements and Expenses

The iatricSystems Remote Scripting Controller™ (iRSC), gives you the ability to run multiple instances of the same script and/or various scripts on one server.

Before iRSC, each script instance required an individual scripting server. Now, you can gain great cost savings with the ability to reduce hardware requirements for our scripting solutions.

On average, our scripting customers using four script servers can save up to $5,600 in annual script server costs.

Streamline Scanned Document Migration

Current iatriScan™ customers migrating off of their legacy MEDITECH platform to Expanse or another HIS entirely, will now have the ability to access and view their existing iatriScan data without having to undergo an export/import process with their new HIS.

iatriScan eliminates the need for a MEDITECH-platform code and allows web-based URL launches from an HIS in reference to single scanned documents or a listing of scanned documents for a given patient or employee. 

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

For the past 30 years, we’ve been committed to delivering healthcare solutions to enhance your existing investments. Since then, we’ve kept our ears open, listening to your challenges, needs, and goals to maintain a portfolio of services dedicated to you.

We hope to keep those conversations going for many more years to come. In the short-term, we wanted to show our appreciation of your tireless work and dedication to saving lives in this time of COVID-19 – here's a thank you video from the iatricSystems family.

Email us at to learn more about our solutions and start a dialogue of how we can help.