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Fall Exchange Recap: The Importance of Monitoring and Managing Sepsis

The World Health Organization recently conducted its first global report on sepsis, finding that sepsis causes one in five deaths worldwide. Sepsis has a higher yearly mortality rate than AIDS, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, yet very few people outside of healthcare are aware of this condition. Additionally, sepsis contributes to nearly half of all hospital deaths in the U.S and is responsible for a total of approximately $7.2 billion of Medicare payments to hospitals.

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Lives on the Line: An Eye-Opening On-Demand Webinar on Slashing Sepsis Death Rates

As I wrote in a blog post on May 3, we were honored that Sallie Arnett, CIO of Licking Memorial Health Systems, shared her hospital’s sepsis success in a live webinar which we held on May 17. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, here’s a link so that you can watch it on demand. And here’s an updated version of what I posted on May 3:

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I’ll Be Back: Return of AI and Machine-Based Learning

I was reading an article that was published on February 3, 2015 by Bloomberg Technology, I’ll Be Back: The Return of Artificial Intelligence, and definitely can relate to the title of the article.

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