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4 Reasons to Integrate Physician Practices Electronically

It's quite common for patients to move throughout their community seeing numerous physicians as part of their treatment plan. Connecting these provider practices with the hospital HIS system for seamless data exchange can prove to be challenging. 

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Keeping Momentum with EHR API Integration

When discussing Meaningful Use with CIOs, I’ve received some comments that they pursued specific measures to meet the requirement, but they believe they’re not taking full advantage of the measure in their real-world, day-to-day workflow. 

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To Migrate or Not to Migrate...That is the Question!

There’s no question that the healthcare industry has made huge advances in switching from paper records to electronic health records in the last 5-10 years.

You can thank Meaningful Use for most of this, but now that we are well into Stage 2, and Stage 3 is in question, where does that leave hospitals and the future of EHRs?

Now that hospitals are settling in with their EHR systems, they’re taking a closer look to see if the system they chose is really working for them, their physicians, clinical staff, and most importantly, the patient.

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Smart Pump Programming and EHR Integration – a roadmap for understanding

It seems like just about every other conversation I have these days revolves around something to do with Smart Pump Programming and EHR integration, so I have no doubt this topic will be of interest to our blog readers.

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