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The Continued Prevalence of Drug Diversion in Healthcare


Drug diversion has continued to be a major problem in healthcare, one that has considerable consequences. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem has continued to become more and more prevalent.

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Telehealth and the Impact on Modern Nursing

The history of telehealth is one that is much longer than some might think. There are examples from both 1879 and 1925 in which magazines from the time displayed articles about doctors using the telephone to reduce unnecessary office visits as well as a cover image showing a doctor diagnosing a patient by radio.1

Fast forward to the present and there are more technologies available for healthcare as well as advances in communication technology. With these new technologies, more people are getting access to healthcare that normally would not, especially in rural communities.

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System Connectivity Can Win the Battle of Clinician Burnout

In the world of clinical relationships, the EHR might be your number one frenemy. You can try to play nice together, but there’s a fundamental dislike for this system when it all boils down. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Uncovering the Clinical Impact of Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pumps

Did you know how a patient copes with pain after surgery can impact their recovery? Many hospitals are using patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps because it can make a recovery easier for the patient, alleviate nursing staff of frequently administering medication, and deliver additional benefits. In this blog, we’ll discuss those benefits and share studies of how PCA impacts patients and hospitals alike.

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Improving Processes with Auto-Documentation for Smart Pump EHR Integration

Smart pumps have been widely adopted into the healthcare space, and for a good reason. The potential for improved patient safety, time savings for nurses, and increased revenue should put Smart Pump EHR Integration (SPEHRI) near the top of every hospital’s priority list. But what exactly is SPHERI, and how does it directly impact your nurses on a daily basis?

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