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Thursday, June 24, 2021 11:00 AM

Spring Exchange Recap: Making Data-Driven Decisions for Better Patient Care

Written by David McVeigh, Product Manager, SmartBoard Solutions

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As a clinician, you know that behind every patient chart, there’s a person who needs your help. Yet too often, clinicians are overwhelmed with patient data. That information is usually kept in disparate places, making it extremely challenging to look past a patient’s chart to understand their whole story.

The solution to this has been dashboarding tools that bring all that data into one place – which is great…but more information can dilute the process even more. The key is finding efficiency within the data – and that’s a major topic we discussed in our recent virtual event, the iatricSystems Spring Exchange.

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the ways hospitals are leveraging SmartBoard Vision™, a real-time surveillance board with infinite uses to help clinicians improve patient care. If you’d like to watch the session in its entirety, contact us at, and we’ll send you the link. Let’s get started.

The Top Three Use-Cases for a Dashboarding Tool

  1. Sepsis Monitoring and Reporting

    Many hospitals are still manually calculating Sepsis, MEWS (Modified Early Warning Score) and SOFA/qSOFA (Sequential Organ Failure) scores – and often continue to after the patient has left the hospital. As a result, sepsis monitoring and other scoring mechanisms can be difficult to handle.

    A dashboarding tool like SmartBoard Vision can help clinicians quickly see their patient’s health story with indicators and information to rank the level of severity and risk of sepsis. This information also allows clinicians to uncover trends to see if there are additional outside factors that might be contributing to sepsis. By automating the process with a dashboarding tool to perform the calculation in the background and show the results in real-time, clinicians can make proactive decisions for their patient care rather than doing so retroactively.

  2. Antibiotic Stewardship

    When it comes to the pharmacy, antibiotic stewardship has become a hot topic – and for a good reason. Optimizing the use of antibiotics is critical to effectively treat infection, protecting patients from harm caused by unnecessary antibiotic use, and, most importantly, combating antibiotic resistance.

    A smartboard allows clinicians to get a closer look at the antibiotics patients are prescribed with a clean, at-a-glance look. Stewardship programs that align with a dashboarding tool can improve clinical outcomes and minimize harm by improving antibiotic prescribing. Hospitals that use these tools to continually monitor and display medications and laboratory tests can create that snapshot of the patient’s history to make real-time decisions based on accurate information.

  3. Patient Risk Factors

    There are many risk factors for a patient, and it can be challenging to stay on top of them. By aggregating risk factors all on one screen and color-coding them by severity, we can help minimize these risks, but it takes the right information to do that.

The flexibility of SmartBoard Vision allows you to pull in the information that’s more important for your department. Some of the patient risks you could track are falls, coding data, incorrect name match, isolation status, etc. Unlike other dashboarding tools, you’re able to monitor certain pieces of information to calculate risk factors better and create alerts for potential risk such as active patient devices, catheters, IVs, wound status, medical records and more. This way, you’re able to get a full view of what’s going on and what the risk might be to individual patients to offer better care.

See Where SmartBoard Vision Can Take You
During the iatricSystems Spring Exchange, we dived deeper into how hospitals are leveraging smartboards for infection tracking and creating real change in care management. If you’d like to watch those sessions in full, please contact us at, and we’ll send you the session links.

Want to learn more about SmartBoard Vision? Read our brochure or request a demo to see how you can improve patient care and the infinite uses of SmartBoard Vision.