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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 1:04 PM

Planning an EHR Migration? Dot Your I's and Cross Your T's!

Written by Joe Sainz, Practice Director, Professional Services, Iatric Systems

Migration_Blog_image.jpgWe all know that a decision to migrate to a new EHR system is one not taken lightly, and takes considerable planning and research in order to make the right choice. The goal is to plan for as smooth of a migration as possible, with as little impact on your patients as possible.

But, how can you know, as an IT executive, that your team is truly ready to take the plunge? As you plan your EHR system migration, consider these great sources for information:

  • Those who have traveled the road before you. Talk to your peers at other organizations — ask them what worked well, and what didn’t.
  • Best practices from industry sources. Recently, the ONC released a guide to walk providers through EHR contracts. They have a specific section (pages 49–53) about EHR migrations that covers best practices. It’s worth a read, to see what you could be missing.
  • Talk to experts who handle migrations as their job. You may or may not need to hire consultants to fill gaps in your migration strategy, but many conversations uncover holes you may not know exist. If you do a bit of research around hiring a potential migration partner, you might find that your staff can handle the coming workload, and that you already have the expertise in house that you need. Or you may uncover areas where you will need help.

Want to hear more in-depth tips around planning for, communicating about, and reporting on EHR Migrations? Don’t miss our free upcoming webinar on November 17 to hear lessons learned from Upper Chesapeake Health System, and get other great tips to help you manage your migration.