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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 11:00 AM

Keeping up with MEDITECH Expanse

Written by Laura Hankins, Product Director for Clinical Workflow Solutions, Iatric Systems

 FlexButton MEDITECH Expanse Blog Header Oct 2018

Times, they are a changing! And, that's a good thing! Have you evaluated or made plans to move to MEDITECH's new Expanse platform? I wanted to share with you how we are keeping up with the changes and helping hospitals keep up too.

Several hospitals have already moved or are planning to move to the new MEDITECH Expanse platform. Some are opting for the desktop and the web version, and others are opting for the web-based version only.

So, here's what we've learned about the new platform so far:

  • Web version puts EHR in one view
  • See all results (for example, lab results) together
  • User can customize their view
  • Allows for use of mobile technology, and viewing charts on a mobile device

While the Expanse platform offers users a lot of benefits, users still have a need to get and see data from other systems, and they want it within their existing workflow.

We've helped lots of hospitals access third party systems from within their EHR, whether it's the Expanse platform or any other EHR. In particular, we help them:

  • Connect the Expanse web or desktop version to third party vendor software
  • View patient data from multiple systems, from within the Expanse EHR
  • Easily access third party systems without having to log in or search for the patient
  • Access any third-party application from the web version in a variety of ways, not just via a url (like most systems do)

Deciding to move to a new version, especially one that is completely different, can be daunting. Here are some things that we recommend to make the transition smoother.

1. Include your clinical staff in the review, or at least understand how it will impact their workflow

2. Identify any "gaps" that the new system will bring... is there functionality that your clinical staff currently uses that will go away?

3. If there are gaps, find a partner to help you fill those gaps

Because Expanse is so new, some hospitals have not yet determined what additional functionality they may need. We've helped some hospitals with our FlexButtonTM technology that solves a variety of use cases. Do you have a workflow challenge that is unsolved, by Expanse, or any other EHR workflow?

If you want a quick preview of what we've done in the Expanse EHR, or any other EHR, click here to set up a meeting. I would be happy to show you some different scenarios, and discuss your particular needs.