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Friday, July 26, 2019 3:58 PM

Downtime Procedures - How To Be Prepared

Written by Donna Binette, Product Manager, IatriConnect Solutions, iatricSystems


Think of it as insurance. You dislike having to pay for it, but it is a critical need in any organization. You can be ready for planned downtimes, but what happens when it is unplanned?

As sited in about EHR downtimes, “Such unavailability can introduce substantial safety risks to organizations that have not adequately prepared. Effective contingency planning addresses the causes and consequences of EHR unavailability, and involves processes and preparations that can minimize the frequency and impact of such events, ensuring continuity of care."

If you’re ready to implement a downtime solution to cover you during either a planned or unplanned downtime, it’s important to consider these key points before implementation:
  • Downtime planning teams should include input from practicing clinicians to ensure all clinical workflows and processes are addressed.
  • Develop a communication plan to include all hospital staff as everyone is impacted during a downtime. Nothing is worse than finding out about a planned downtime as it occurs.
  • Make sure notices are sent out well in advance via email or a message posted on the sign-on page. Big font and bold lettering should capture their attention.
  • While it can be difficult to know how long a downtime will last, offer periodic status updates to reduce frustration. Are you able to post statuses on another system that is up and running?
Lastly, once systems are back on line, teams should review all processes, including feedback from clinicians to determine any necessary tweaking for the next time.

No matter what solution you decide to use, being prepared for a downtime will alleviate stress on your hospital staff and ultimately maintain patient safety – but even the best tools require planning and best practices to implement.

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