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Matthew Streff, Manager - Professional Services, FlexButton - iatricSystems

Matthew is the Manager, Professional Services, FlexButton for iatricSystems. He works closely with system integrations with a focus on Meditech via FlexButton and other interfaces. Matt has 11 years experience in the healthcare interface industry working to help improve integration and interoperability.

Rethinking Drug Diversion Solutions for Real Results

Drug diversion among healthcare workers is ultimately underestimated, undetected and under-reported. According to Porter Research, roughly nine out of ten healthcare professionals have met or know someone who has diverted drugs, and 40 percent of hospitals lack programs to prevent this commonality from happening.

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System Connectivity Can Win the Battle of Clinician Burnout

In the world of clinical relationships, the EHR might be your number one frenemy. You can try to play nice together, but there’s a fundamental dislike for this system when it all boils down. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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