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Lisa Lovette, Director, EHR Optimization iatricSystems

Lisa Lovette is Director of EHR Optimization. Lisa is a registered nurse with more than 30 years of Nursing and hospital experience. She has been involved in health informatics for the past 17 years and in that time has implemented and supported hundreds of clinical application projects while at iatricSystems. She is very passionate about getting clinicians the information they need easily and directly in order to improve workflow.

How Dashboards Can be Reconfigured to Track COVID-19

We want to lend a hand and offer support wherever possible, and in that vein, we recently had a discussion with our friends at Saratoga Hospital about sharing their knowledge of how they used Visual SmartBoard™ to overcome some of the tracking challenges brought on by COVID-19.

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A Picture Really is Worth 1000 Words

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Taking complex ideas or data and compiling them in a single picture conveys the meaning more effectively than any words. Visual communication is still one of the most effective and powerful forms of communication. When applied in healthcare, it presents a clearer picture, increases patient safety, facilitates communication between providers, prioritizes workflow, and improves patient satisfaction.

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