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Karen Pursch, Director, Patient Privacy Solutions

In her role as director of patient privacy solutions at Iatric Systems, Karen Pursch has been the driving force behind our flagship product, Security Audit Manager, which has been implemented in 1,000 facilities and has been named a KLAS Category Leader for the last four years. Karen is a sought-after speaker, and a widely acknowledged expert on data integration. Along with holding senior marketing director positions over the course of her career, she also has an extensive background in high-technology software. She has made major contributions to the success of companies such as Hughes, Rockwell, and Sybase. At Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she was the lead engineer in the development of new technology for the analysis of space flight data. A patient privacy solutions innovator, Karen is pioneering the next evolution in the field with the introduction of Security Audit Manager iQ™, which uses machine-learning and role-based behavioral analysis to reduce false positives and drive faster, more accurate audit determinations.

I’ll Be Back: Return of AI and Machine-Based Learning

I was reading an article that was published on February 3, 2015 by Bloomberg Technology, I’ll Be Back: The Return of Artificial Intelligence, and definitely can relate to the title of the article.

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