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Joe Sainz, Practice Director, Professional Services, Iatric Systems

Joe has more than 25 years of experience in the hospital IT environment leading efforts to evaluate and select vendor products, provide application support, and manage implementation of many clinical and financial healthcare IT systems.

Planning an EHR Migration? Dot Your I's and Cross Your T's!

We all know that a decision to migrate to a new EHR system is one not taken lightly, and takes considerable planning and research in order to make the right choice. The goal is to plan for as smooth of a migration as possible, with as little impact on your patients as possible.

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To Migrate or Not to Migrate...That is the Question!

There’s no question that the healthcare industry has made huge advances in switching from paper records to electronic health records in the last 5-10 years.

You can thank Meaningful Use for most of this, but now that we are well into Stage 2, and Stage 3 is in question, where does that leave hospitals and the future of EHRs?

Now that hospitals are settling in with their EHR systems, they’re taking a closer look to see if the system they chose is really working for them, their physicians, clinical staff, and most importantly, the patient.

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How to approach an EHR migration

Among all of the hot topics in the healthcare IT industry (EHR Interoperability, Meaningful Use, Population Health etc), one of the clear leaders that people are focusing on is EHR Migration. We’ve reached a level of maturity where the majority of hospitals are exchanging information electronically (thanks Meaningful Use!), and now hospitals and healthcare systems are taking a good look to see if the systems they have put in place are still meeting their needs and expectations.

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