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Gere Acevedo, Account Manager - iatricSystems

Gere Acevedo is an Account Executive at iatricSystems. She has been at iatricSystems since 2012 and has helped more than 60 hospitals evaluate and acquire barcode specimen collection with MobiLab. Gere’s goal is to be a customer advocate and coach. She enjoys helping connect customers with solutions that increase patient safety and clinician satisfaction. She values “the big picture” and aims to collaborate with customers and teams across iatricSystems so that everyone experiences success in both their individual objectives and holistically as a larger group. Gere is originally from Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Belmont University in 2000.

Spring Exchange Recap: Realizing the ROI of Barcode Specimen Collection

When discussing barcode specimen collection and proper patient identification (PPID), patient safety often drives the conversation. Considering that lab results determine up to 70 percent of treatment options, it is imperative that all specimen labels are labeled correctly with the proper patient identification.

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