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Donna Binette, Product Manager, IatriConnect Solutions, Iatric Systems

Donna Binette has more than twenty years of Healthcare IT experience. Donna has been an integral part of the IatriConnect Solutions product line since its inception in 2007 which includes PtAccess, MDAccess, CareContinuity and IatriStore products. She has managed over 100 successful implementations and has acted as the lead designer of the IatriConnect Solutions portal applications. Donna graduated from Bentley University with a B.S in Marketing, A.S in Management and A.S in Accounting and then years later went on to receive her R.N which brought her into Healthcare IT.

Downtime Procedures - How To Be Prepared

Think of it as insurance. You dislike having to pay for it, but it is a critical need in any organization. You can be ready for planned downtimes, but what happens when it is unplanned?

As sited in about EHR downtimes, “Such unavailability can introduce substantial safety risks to organizations that have not adequately prepared. Effective contingency planning addresses the causes and consequences of EHR unavailability, and involves processes and preparations that can minimize the frequency and impact of such events, ensuring continuity of care."

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