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Uses of Technology in 2016 for Value-Based Care

Written by Kay Jackson, Education and Advisory Manager, Iatric Systems

Technology value-based careAfter my Internet was down for a week and I had to use my iPhone® Hotspot to do demonstrations for hospitals, it got me thinking about the relationship of technology regardless of the use. 

During this outage, it was so frustrating to deal with the support team for my carrier. The supervisor finally said, “to escalate the issue I will have to do a paper ticket.”

What? A paper ticket for a technology company to do a repair in 2016? Immediately it reminded me of our current healthcare world. The Joint Commission just ruled that physicians are now allowed to send orders for care, treatment, and services via text. Technology, such as texting, has been a mainstay for years and can increase the response time from physicians. This is a great example of using technology to improve patient care and help move towards value-based care.
Below are just a few other examples of how we can apply technology to help with patient care:
  • CQMs are mandated to be reported electronically for 2016
  • Proposed IPPS changes for 2017
  • Stage 3 just around the corner
  • MACRA for clinical practitioners for 2017

The time has never been more critical for healthcare providers to adopt technology to improve reporting and patient care. 

We must learn that technology is our future and to let go of our outdated manual processes and trust that data can be mined real-time to assist our teams. Everyone is talking about analytics and I do believe that is our next best use of technology for better healthcare outcomes. CIOs at HIMSS 2016 told me over and over that installing analytics/warehouse systems can take up to two years. That install timeline was another issue I found concerning in the world of technology for 2016.
If you are looking at the best way to use real-time data for your team, whether it is financial or clinical, and need a rapid analytics deployment in a few weeks, and data to meet all the needs of your users, please contact me at

Let me share how Iatric Systems can provide that next best technology called Analytics on Demand™ to help improve the care of your patients.

Topics: CMS, Value-based Care, Analytics, MACRA, IPPS

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