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QRDA-1 for eCQM to's GREEK to me!

Written by Cindy Paul, Consultant, Professional Services

QRDA-1 for eCQMs

As a nurse, I’m used to interpreting patient orders full of abbreviations & jargon. Acronyms, Latin abbreviations, and documentation shortcuts coined by nurses in the world of paper charting; one could think clinicians speak a different language. But then there’s CMS semantics...

So what is QRDA-1 and why is it the big acronym these days?

  • Quality Reporting Data Architecture Category I is a standard for reporting quality measures electronically.
  • QRDA-I format populates single patient data required for quality measures.

An electronic CQM, or eCQM is CMS’ new requirement for reporting quality measures in 2016.

  • Report 4 eCQMs
  • Data collection for 90 days starting either Q3 or Q4 (July 1 or October 1)
  • Submit data by February 28, 2017

QNet, short for Quality Net, is the only CMS approved website for secure quality data exchange.

  • Must first submit data via the QNet’s PSVA testing tool (Pre-Submission Validation Application)

Now, let’s put all the acronyms to work.

Hospitals are under a tight timeline to create data in QRDA-1 format by EMR Best Practices, update nomenclature mapping, ensure the right data flows to a Data Repository with correct purge parameters, select 4 CQMs for electronic submission, validate and test data on the PSVA, and start a 90-day reporting period. All in the next 2-5 months! Whew, that’s exhausting just to say, much less put to action with existing IT projects and timelines. 

Iatric Systems Professional Services Team can remove the burden from your team. Let our experts put the acronyms to work to ensure your hospital’s Quality Reporting compliance and success.

For more information on this topic, please download our brochure on QRDA Assist™. If you are attending International MUSE, please stop by our booth to see a demo of our new product Analytics on Demand™ and talk with us about how we can put these CMS acronyms to work.

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