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Kay Jackson, Education and Advisory Manager, Iatric Systems

Kay Jackson is in charge of education and is an advisory manager for Iatric Systems. She has held various product management positions since joining Iatric Systems in 2006, including Meaningful Use and Revenue Cycle Improvement. She brings over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Uses of Technology in 2016 for Value-Based Care

After my Internet was down for a week and I had to use my iPhone® Hotspot to do demonstrations for hospitals, it got me thinking about the relationship of technology regardless of the use. 

During this outage, it was so frustrating to deal with the support team for my carrier. The supervisor finally said, “to escalate the issue I will have to do a paper ticket.”
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Three Reasons To Track Your Readmission Rate

The Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) is a key quality standard reviewed by CMS. Below are three reasons why your healthcare organization should be tracking and analyzing this important requirement.

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Transitioning to Value-Based Care

In December of 2010, our company started a project to track for the Meaningful Use program. We had many years of prior experience with a RAC tracking tool and this was just another CMS program — right?

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