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Cindy Paul, Consultant, Professional Services

Cindy, a registered nurse with more than 20 years experience in Clinical Nursing and Public Health Education, is a Consultant in our Professional Services Division at Iatric Systems. She is experienced in hospital Compliance & Quality Improvement, Meaningful Use attestation, and Audit readiness for hospitals. Cindy’s primary role at Iatric Systems is Meaningful Use Project Management & Consulting, and Clinical Informatics.

The What, When, and How of eCQM Reporting

It’s hard to believe QTR 4, 2016 is well under way. Hospitals are starting to validate QRDA data for reporting electronic Clinical Quality Measures (CQM). The alignment of CQM reporting for the EHR incentive program and Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program has not come without many challenges, including several months of preparation and changes to make it happen.

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QRDA-1 for eCQM to's GREEK to me!

As a nurse, I’m used to interpreting patient orders full of abbreviations & jargon. Acronyms, Latin abbreviations, and documentation shortcuts coined by nurses in the world of paper charting; one could think clinicians speak a different language. But then there’s CMS semantics...

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